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DevUtils 1.12: SQL Formatter, Case Converter, and many improvements
Hello everyone, it’s Tony from 👋
The new version 1.12 has just been released, here is a quick GIF tour of what’s new. Enjoy!

DevUtils 1.12
DevUtils 1.12
📝 SQL Formatter
SQL Formatter in DevUtils
SQL Formatter in DevUtils
You can format your SQL string with DevUtils now. It supports popular query languages: MySQL, PosgreSQL, MariaDB, PL/SQL.
🔄 String Case Converter
Easily convert between camelCase, snake_case, kebab-case, SCREAM-KEBAB, CONSTANT_CASE…
String Case Converter in DevUtils
String Case Converter in DevUtils
For people who work with Golang, the tool has an option to keep unique names and acronyms in uppercase, like ID, API, HTTP, etc.
🧩 RegExp Tester improvements
RegExp Tester tool now supports group matching and named capture group.
The new group tree explorer and search box will be very helpful if you work with Regular Expressions a lot!
RegExp Tester in DevUtils
RegExp Tester in DevUtils
📁 Code Folding, Line Numbers, Word Wrap
Most of the text view now support code folding and line numbers!
If you ever need to fold a long JSON or XML array, DevUtils can now help you with that.
Navigate through the text with code folding
Navigate through the text with code folding
🔗 Query String Converter → URL Parser
The tool “Query String Converter” is renamed to “URL Parser”, because that’s what it does now!
Just paste your URL and DevUtils will parse it into detailed components for you.
Parse a URL with DevUtils
Parse a URL with DevUtils
📸 QR Code Generator supports custom icons
It can also add a watermark! Super useful to add a branded QR code.
Create a branded QR code with DevUtils
Create a branded QR code with DevUtils
💫 Other improvements
  • Added an option to disable the “Confirm to Quit” popup
  • Added an option to disable fuzzy search in Preferences… > General
  • Added syntax highlighting in various tools (HTML Preview, YAML to JSON, etc.)
  • Changed the default Markdown theme
  • Refined app icon design
🙌 That's all!
Update the app now if you haven’t! In the next version, I will introduce some new integrations with other apps (Alfred, Raycast, etc.).
If you like DevUtils, please help me tweet about it. It means a world to me! ❤️
Thank you very much for reading and I will see you next time! 👋
– Tony Dinh
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