DevUtils 1.11: Markdown Preview and new features



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The new DevUtils version 1.11 is out with new tools and many improvements! If you haven’t update yet, do it now!
Let’s have a quick tour to learn about new features with a GIF collection!

DevUtils 1.11
DevUtils 1.11
📖 Markdown Preview
You can now preview your Markdown! DevUtils supports GitHub flavored markdown with features like tables and checklists.
Markdown Preview
Markdown Preview
⚡ Instant Clipboard Replace
Tired of clicking “Clipboard” then click “Copy”? Now you can instantly replace your clipboard content with the processed output with just 1 click!
It works on all of the tools with 1 input and 1 output.
Replace clipboard content instantly
Replace clipboard content instantly
⏰ JWT Debugger: Show Expiration Time
Easily check the “expiration” time and “issued at” time in the JWT payload.
Show formatted expiration time of a JWT token
Show formatted expiration time of a JWT token
✅ Support JavaScript/Python objects
The JSON Format/Validate tool now supports JS and Python object notation. Make it even easier to format and convert them to JSON.
It also automatically fix some JSON format issue like missing trailing commas and incorrect quotes
It also automatically fix some JSON format issue like missing trailing commas and incorrect quotes
⚙️ Generate Nano ID and Object ID (MongoDB)
As requested by many of you, two more types of IDs are added to the UUID/ULID Generator tool. There will be even more added soon!
Generate Nano ID and Object ID
Generate Nano ID and Object ID
📸 More QR code template
This version added two new templates for QR Code: Wifi password and SMS.
🔍 Filter words in String Inspector
You can now ignore words to the String Inspector tool.
✨ And many more...!
  • You can now customize the input labels in the Text Diff Checker tool.
  • JSON to CSV tool now has an option to flatten the objects before convert to CSV.
  • The URL Encode/Decode tool now has an option to decode “+” characters to spaces.
  • DevUtils now ask you to confirm to quit when you press Command+Q.
👉 View full changelog at:
👀 What do you like to see next?
Many of the new features come from the feedback and suggestions from you all!
Make sure to send your feature request to me using the Send Feedback button or reply to this email. I read every single email and message on Twitter.
I hope you have a great day/night, and see you again in the next version!
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